Monday, January 7, 2013

This is a new blog to facilitate the spread of awareness regarding The Peoples' Trust to include their legal activities, publicity efforts, and to promote community involvement.

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  1. Hey man. I came over from the comment section on RTS per your invite. I agree with your statement about the energy of change being in the now and hope that our involvement will lead to beneficial changes for ourselves and most importantly other people around the world facing hardship. However, some of what has been stated by Heather and other players does not match up with observable facts so far. Part of what I believe to be our role in all of this is to hold sources of information accountable and it concerns me that many common sense questions put forth to these folks have been ignored as of now. When someone comes forth with something like this, the burden of further evidence is upon them and I don't feel labeling people as nay-sayers because they have legitimate questions is productive or responsible. This seems to be the approach of many involved in this discourse. I am glad there is someone in my area involved and will try my best to help in whatever way I can. I believe great change in a short amount of time is quite possible, and just because something hasn't happened before doesn't mean that it won't or even that it isn't imminent. However discernment, for me anyway, reigns supreme. I remain optimistic, but cautious.

    1. Hello Solace,

      My style when I was showing the zeitgeist movies was to have a neutral position about the content to facilitate a real discussion. I found it more productive to interact rather than to preach. In the case of TOPPT, the only rational position is neutral because, well like you said, we just don't know.

      I am seeing on RTS that we can expect new information in the morning, so that will be interesting, hopefully answering some of these 'common sense questions.' Assuming only what we know now, it would be productive to categorize and list the questions that we do have, specifically, and we can tick them off as they get answered, and list new ones as they come up.

      To the credit of Heather and the trust, we are having this conversation, we are considering these things. Fraud or not I think these discussions are better than sleeping through the day job, ya know? I guess ultimately I hope all this networking is for naught, because it will be so obvious when it breaks, that we won't need to tell anyone. That being said, having a community established of level headed folk may still be an advantage.

      I don't have much knowledge of blogspot but I saw an option somewhere to add people that can publish on this blog, if you are interested let me know. Your cautious perspective is welcome!


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