Tuesday, February 12, 2013

One major aspect of breaking this old paradigm is unlearning the things we were taught by the cabal funded schools.  'Daniel' is an interesting new source of information only recently coming into the public spotlight.  He is associated with the site Conscious Hugs and participates on a forum there, mostly in relation to the papers he has published, the latest being "Geochronology." 

In his own words:

"...I’ve raked a lot of concepts over the coals in this paper, from geochronological time lines, Atlantean civilization, the formation of solar systems and backwards stellar evolution, showing there was never any planet that made the asteroid belt, disproving Velikovsky’s rogue planet theories and pointing out Sitchin may have had the wrong solar system. Not only have I turned science upside down (which is easy, because everything is backwards), but also rocked the boat on both religions and New Age beliefs."

Check it out.