Monday, January 7, 2013

Please comment on this post if you are in Alaska and would like to learn more, participate, or just offer support.  This blog was started not because I have any special information, but because we need Local Community Involvement, and it needs to start somewhere!  So say hello and lets share what we know.


  1. Hello, My name is Jeff. I created this blog site in hopes of finding others in Alaska that already know about the Peoples' Trust, as well as introducing it to new people. I do not have any more information than is available at the links I provided, but I do have a keen interest as this thing is developing in realtime. I hope you'll say hello!

  2. Hi Jeffrey. This is the same person who you invited over from RTS earlier. I commented on one of the other posts you have here before I saw this one. I was just wondering... what do you think would happen if we printed out all of these documents and just brought them over to the Anchorage D.A.'s office to get their take on all of this. I think it would be interesting to get their reaction. I have also heard that in any county the sheriff is actually the most powerful person and it may be beneficial to inform them that any property seizures or bank foreclosures or debt collection that they or their officers take part in is in fact illegal. This looks more and more legit to me as I read more about it and I think moves like this are just audacious enough to really work. Or find out how strong opposition is real quick. Ha!

  3. I have an acquaintance that just passed the bar and I am hoping to sift through some of the filings and then see what his take is on some of the juicier stuff. I like the idea of seeing what the DA might say, but the likelihood of getting an honest ear is slim unless we set an appointment or something. Another thought was to start a collection on one of the main blog sites to pay an independent lawyer to sift through some of the legaleese.

    I have also heard this about the sheriff, I have to wonder how that will pan out.

    BTW I do not live in the city, but I am expecting to be over that way late this week.

  4. Hi!
    I'm excited to see there are others starting to band together in Alaska! Community is important! I know two others on board. None of us have done anything but listen n read. Have either of you filed or had any experiences yet? Thanks for putting up this website Jeffrey!

    1. Good to hear from you Heather! This site has been quiet for a bit but hopefully more folks will say hey now that it is being published on the 'regionals' list. I am over in Cordova but make it into Anchorage fairly frequently. I am a fan of the Daniel Papers and just finished reading his latest one on Anthropology. I'm off to make a new post about it.

      Thanks for saying Hey!


  5. Hi from slana ak! Just getting my feet wet on all this stuff. Glad to have fellow alaskans to connect with. Overwhelming to me! Thx for all u are doing

  6. I am a historian and Old Campaigner for human decency and freedom located in the Valley. I was aware of the first round of filings in 2011. There are a few questions in my mind---my historical research has shown that the Vatican/Holy See was the owner of the vast majority of government corporations as a result of its role as Global Estate Trustee. So---what is the Vatican saying about having all these entities foreclosed under its own copyrighted Uniform Commercial Code system? Is this taking place with their help and approval, or.....?

    Thanks for posting all this, Jeff. More people will follow shortly.